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Early Learner Playgroups:  

These groups are designed for young girls and boys ages 5 to 6 years old, who experience difficulties in the areas of communication, play skills and social interactions.  Evidence based strategies are used to teach skills required for group learning, increase communication, play and social skills. Children will work on:

  • Joint attention and attending skills

  • Verbal reciprocity  and  communication skills

  • Share, wait  and turn take in a small group

  • Initiate and respond to peers

  • Cooperate  in simple games with others

Young Social Skills Groups:
These groups focus on social skills for girls and boys, aged 6 to 7, with high functioning autism or Asperger’s who experience difficulties with communication, self-awareness and social reciprocity. Through the use of cooperative games, direct instruction, role-play, and other teaching methods we will explore:

  • Conversational skills

  • Nonverbal communication

  • Cooperative play and interactive skills

  • Problem solving skills during social interactions

  • Recognize and express emotions and perspective taking

Pre-teen Social Skills Groups:  

These groups are for girls and boys, aged 8 to 10 and 10 to 12, with high functioning Autism or Asperger’s who experience difficulties with conversational  skills, , social reciprocity and emotional regulation and  stress management.  This group uses discussion, role-play, direct instruction, and video modeling to focus on:

  • Peer pressure and bullying

  • Conflict resolution

  • Problem solving and decision-making skills

  • Building and maintaining friendships

  • Building a positive self-image and  self-esteem

  • Learn how to develop and maintain friendships

Group for Teen Girls  

This group will be for teenage girls diagnosed with HFA or Asperger’s, aged 12 to 14 or 14 to 16 who want to meet informally and address common issues and challenges they meet on a regular basis.  

  • Developing friendship skills

  • Learning how to be confident and assertive within a group of peers

  • Promoting a positive self image

  • What’s your personal style – fun with fashion and more…

How to register:

To register your child for upcoming groups complete our online
registration form. Phone contact will be coordinated to further discuss groups, format and curriculums.

Elizabeth Todd, Intake Coordinator @ etodd087@gmail.com

Elaine Bissonnette @ 613-722-4374 or ebissonn@magma.ca

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